A Series of Unfortunate Events (Review)

Netflix launched a new television series on January 13 based upon a children's book. The story follows three siblings whose parents perished in a deadly fire. These kids inherit a fortune which receives backlash. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudeliare unfolded family secrets while escaping Count Olaf's terrible plot. 

In 2004, the popular children's book was converted into a film. Nickelodeon and DreamWorks covered three novels "The Bad Beginning", "The Reptile Room", and "The Wide Window". The film received media attention and book fans were impressed. However, movie critics were disappointed because Jim Carrey's performance is over-glorified and the pre-production team ruined the plot. However, the structure is different in the television show. Business Insider explains the 6 changes that the pre-production created before recording the footage. 

Although season 1 is over, Netflix confirmed that "A Series of Unfortunate Events" will return for another season. They released a cryptic video containing a hidden message.

 "When you feel the snake curl around you as plots thicken and traps are set, the Who, What When, and Where won't matter. Some will have to make a vastly Frightening Decision. And others will shudder at their misery from here to kingdom come." 

The new series will be released in January 2018.